The African Investments and Global Connections (AIGC) is a professional team of consultants specialized in the strategic evaluation of projects and feasibility studies focusing on economic, financial and environmental aspects.

Its main fields of activity are:

  • Energy & Power Services
  • Environmental Protection Service
  • Financial Services
  • ICT Services
  • Infrastructure & Regional Development

AIGC services range from the initial identification and set-up stages of projects to the monitoring and finalization. AIGC consultants have worked for the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the European Bank for Reconstruction and development and private investors.

AIGC main job is to identify business and investment opportunities in Africa, with a focus on economic development, and help establish partnerships between African businesses. The business potential of the soon-to-become former command economies in Africa are huge.

AIGC conduct investments and developmental projects in Africa, expanding its cooperation’s with the global arena. AIGC provide business support and counseling to companies interested in doing business in Africa. Our clients come from both the public and private sector.