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Environment Protection Services

AIGC is a market leading consultancy provider in Environmental & Social Impact Assessment. We are one of the few consultancies able to combine local expertise and knowledge with global reach and experience. It is our aim to influence policy and shape development to achieve outstanding client success.

We have many consultants across Europe, Middle East and Africa and are a member of the IEMA.

Client Services

AIGC provide consulting solutions in the areas of:

  1. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment,
  2. Climate Change and Compliance and Permitting,
  3. Contaminated Land and Remediation,
  4. Corporate Sustainability,
  5. Health and Safety Solutions,
  6. Sustainable Development,
  7. Waste and Resources Management and Water Environment.

Global Reach

With access to over many water and environmental specialists and consultants, design and project management professionals we can deliver on services that fit our client’s needs. In addition, we are focusing more into promoting regional market integration of Sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) nations. AIGC has a good network reach and experience for both local cultures and existing business environment conditions.