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Financial Services

AIGC is a member of the global financial system in Africa and has been developing in many years to accommodate international trade and the worldwide production of goods and services. The information technology captures the most recent driving force behind the globalization.

Specifically, technology and the dissemination of information and ideas have been driving the accounting sector of the financial service industry, where institutions and markets facilitate the financing of real sector. These changes have dramatically altered the nature, especially in Africa, from the physical (manufacturing) to the conceptual (services).

It is in this realm, AIGC will provide consultancy services to any investor looking at invest in a long-term basis, at a specific market, which would reward him over time. Overlooking the Financial Statements and assuring the investor that the economic rationale to his investment has been actualized, AIGC’s goal in providing due diligence consultancy in the Financial Sector.

Accounting Consulting Services

The Strength in Africa’s Banking system requires a balance of banking powers and firm supervision. Africa’s sovereign safety net or government guarantee, which consists of the Central Bank’s discount window and deposit insurance, provides one aspect in which AIGC’s supervision comes with its market expertise.

Financial Solutions Consulting Services

As the major supplier of liquidity to the economy and financial markets, commercial banks must have access to liquidity. All banks store a certain degree of liquidity in their balance sheet assets. Liquidity planning in community banks is marked by a judgmental approach while larger banks use more sophisticated quantitative methods, mainly simulation techniques. AIGC can produce modern portfolio practices that can help limit their exposures to liquidity crisis and becoming more dependent upon bail out, in the event of adverse market development.

Consumer & Retail Consulting Services

Market Expertise affects every aspect of a business transaction. Market discipline affects a bank’s cost of funds, flow of funds, and helps align the interest and incentives of managers with those of shareholders. AIGC can provide the Ideal, market and regulatory discipline that can complement each other to promote a safe and sound consumer & retail system.

Financial Institutions Consulting Services

Fluctuations in economic and financial variables destabilize the Foreign Direct Investor’s strategy and in the performance of banks and their client customers. Thus AIGC can provide a service in building a risk management framework and for selling risk management services to clients. Risk management can be conducted on client’s balance sheet through adjustments in portfolio composition, or off the balance sheet using a host of risk management weapons derived from technology of financial engineering.

Financial Backers Consulting Services

Although the international debt crisis slowed the global markets in 2007-2009, it has since picked up stream. With the biggest banks looking for new lending opportunities, some efforts have turned to the overseas markets, where the country-risk aspect of credit risk must be addressed. In addition, the new customs, practices, and banking procedures in foreign lands must be addressed. As witnessed by the economic and financial turmoil in South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana, African countries and international banking pose a similar set of risks to domestic banking but may be more difficult to measure and manage.

It is with in this realm, AIGC consults investors and financial backers on African banking system as well as its up to date market conditions.  AIGC’s objective is to protect any investor looking to invest in Africa for long-term basis.

Financial Sponsors Consulting Services

In order to appropriately manage an investment, AIGC’s close cooperation with the Financial Sponsor is required. Awareness of the lending institution’s availability of capital, their capacity in terms of training and resource availability is critical to growing the investment in a planned manner. AIGC’s deployment planning and coordination process is required. This may mean monthly meeting between management of the Financial Institution and the Manager of the Company (borrower) to review progress, address issues and to look forward to deployment plans for the next month, and quarter. A pro-forma could be created to facilitate this process and this would form a part of the Operations Manual.

Non Governmental Organizations & Non for Profit Organizations

The corporate sector has typically interacted with the Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sector and often found little common grounds, with different cultures, mission, visions, and financial requirements.

AIGC, a consultancy service provider can help to build a bridge between these two cultures.  Diversity on a board of Directors may be challenging in many instances to include both the NGO and the corporate company on the board.

Where many NGOs are not of sufficient liquidity (as is most often the case), the question of what actually would comprise the shareholders equity contribution must be asked. NGOs would not typically have liquidity, or a mission-driven mandate to become shareholders in a corporate entity, which may be for-profit entity. This question also raises governance issues for NGOs.

Having said this, it will always be possible for a replicator to structure a Corporate Company in any way they choose (within the confines of local law). There are no fundamental barriers to NGOs participating in the ownership and governance structures.