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ICT Services

In rural areas of Africa, there are often no affordable and accessible telecommunications services. Telecommunications providers are reserved to place public access telephone booths in these locations as the initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs do not make for a viable business proposition. Governments, through regulations, often place a ” Universal Access” requirement to telecommunication providers. These requirements result in an infrastructure investment that can make access available to some degree. These services typically operate at a loss and the telecommunication provider maintains them as a duty to their licensing obligations.

Why is it such a challenge to provide telecommunication to rural areas?

Technical Services

AIGC is a consultancy devoted to bringing investment in technology within reach of rural small business owners. AIGC found a tremendous amount of underserved small rural businesses that are in need of ICT services, but don't have the capital to hire large multinational firms to do the work.

Through innovative funding sources, including grants and charitable contributions made by the Multi-National companies and by individuals who are interested in helping rural Africa develop economically, AIGC will assist any Group interested in providing services to rural Africa.


The ICT market for AIGC is not limited to rural Africa. Our core business is in design, engineering and project management of telecommunication networks in Africa. AIGC’s consultants have a 25-year long knowledge of ICT goods & services in the African telecoms sector, which makes AIGC a reliable source.

African context and environment have given AIGC the know-how to manage efficiently telecom projects in Africa. Moreover, satellite communication technologies and universal service are topics on which AIGC, have great experience and references.

Satellite Bandwidth

Satellite Bandwidth (C Standard, C Extended, Ku Bands over Africa) allocation, includes duration use and capacity limits. The effective registration of such allocation will be confirmed with the Satellite Service Provider. In addition, the engineering experts will check the consistence of the registered resources with the technical requirements.

ICT Consultants

AIGC is organized in such a way that a team can be mobilized in a very short period of time to work on a given project. Competence and experience required for the project are identified and the adequate team is formed under the leadership of a project manager.

Our independence from all the vendors and operators gives our customer the assurance that we do conduct our projects choosing the most appropriate technologies and solutions, for the sole benefit of our customer.