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Infrastructure & Regional Development

Urbanization will be the key thrust behind the economic, social and political development of Africa. It can be a force for great prosperity, but if not managed and supported properly with construction material it can also lead to great friction, eroding the societal fabric, ultimately leading to the abrupt decline of cities and regions.

The key determinant to assess the commercial viability of an infrastructure project whether it is in roads, railways, power or water, is to determine future demand. The African market demand for infrastructure projects is largely driven by demographic trends and sufficient industrially manufactured goods.

AIGC analyzes the demographic trends and future project needs based on the sustainable development growth in infrastructure. The emergence of new settlements inevitably creates demand for supplies for manufacturing industrial goods, and ideally under the management of private groups this could promote privatization of the industrial market. In addition, the arrival of new workers will necessitate the construction of new roads, both within the city and between the city and the countryside.

Sectors to benefit include the construction, real estate sector and construction material manufacturers. Infrastructure presents major opportunities for Africa and AIGC is in position to facilitate the process.